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Samantha Anne van Eeden


Jacques Rossouw

Samantha Anne van Eeden was born in Durban in 1982 and recognized her interest for art at the age of 8, however, she didn’t realize her love for painting until her late 20’s. Her path became clear when she started taking a short art class of only 4 lessons at 29 and was incredibly amazed at her hidden talent.

Basically a self-taught artist, Sam has a passion and joy for “different” oil paintings.  Sam strives for  quality in her work and spends many hours perfecting each and every painting. Sam believes that her paintings reveals the unknown, mysterious, fantasy and unique ideas in life.

Jacques and Sam met in 2011 and have been a couple ever since. Jacques started prickling Sam’s interest in 2013 and she trained to be a photographer in the same year. Together they started CAS (Capturing Art Studios) and have a unique passion for people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Jacques Rossouw has been plying his trade in the mysterious photographic arts for well 12 Years. Jacques is a stills photographer and he brings an unerring sense of style and composition to all of his work.  Jacques’ visuals capture the imagination, challenge preconceptions, and merge a classical ethos with urban grit and 21st Century modern Artist.

Born and raised in a Pretoria, South Africa, Jacques took his first photograph at the age of 10, over 26 years ago.   Much of the early years were spent as a hobby, developing his craft while working in the IT .  During this time he developed a significant love hate relationship with photography, and actually gave up shooting a number of times.  During  his full-time employment, he was a Computer Technician, Technical IT manager, IT Project Manager, Business Intelligence DBA and Data Warehouse Developer.

His passion for photography developed into a full obsession about a decade ago when he decided to only shoot subjects that would interpret his view of the world.   For the most part this meant a combination of beauty and life mixed with the dark, sexy and loving side of life. 

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